Thursday, January 27, 2022
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Chem-TCM is the digital database of molecular records. If you are interested in actual molecules for screening, please consider the following products.


TimTec nature-inspired screening products provide broad selection of molecular frameworks that probe chemical diversity space in the following categories:

NPL, Natural Products Library of pure natural molecules primarily from plants and also from bacteria, fungus, and animal sources

NDL, Natural Derivatives Library gathers natural compound derivatives, synthetic analogs, semi-naturals, and mimics

Flavonoid Derivatives, collection of derivatives built around 9 core Flavonoid structures known for their therapeutic value and natural abundance

Gossypol Derivatives, explore Gossypol molecule activity potential adding to the history of traditional use

Plant Extracts, a small sample collection of crude mixtures of compounds extracted from plants grown in Eastern and Middle-Eastern Eurasia. Extracts subset is prepared from medicinal plants with the description of traditional use. Complete database contains plants available from stock for extraction and plants available for collection.

Featured Natural Compounds, selected individual natural products available for sale at eChemShop and for scale-up

For more information about TimTec Natural Products and customized solutions please contact us